How To Flexi Pave Like a Pro

A comprehensive guide to everything Flexi Pave. What is it? How long does it last? Why use it? And yes, it comes in COLORS.

Life seems to be all about making choices, doesn’t it? Aisle or window seats, coffee or tea, those immortal blue or gold dress debate remember? Well, guess what? Choices don’t stop at your wardrobe or your favorite coffee spot. They start right at your doorstep…the literal one!

Today we’re going to talk about Flexi Pave. Sounds like some high-end gym class? Well, close enough! Confused? Hang in there, because it’s about to get ‘flex-iting’!

So, What is Flexi Paving?

Good question! In the simplest terms, Flexi Pave is a type of permeable pavement. You know, the stuff that makes up your driveway or patio? Huh, so much for those pricy gym classes! It’s kind of like flexible pavement, but significantly more swanky. It’s a combination of recycled passenger tires (yes, your old dunlops could be in there!), along with stone and a binding agent. The end result? A fully porous, flexible and sturdy pavement option that even Mother Nature would approve.

The Million-Dollar Question: How Long Does Flexi Pave Last?

Ah, the question of longevity, one we ask about almost everything from celebrity marriages to your last manicure! Well, although I can’t predict Kim K’s next move or speak for your nail polish, I can tell you a thing or two about Flexi Pave.

In general, Flexi Pave has the lifespan of a sea turtle. You know, the ones that outlive us and our next three generations. Now, that’s a lot of bang for your buck! Normally, we’re talking 15-20 years or even longer if it’s well-maintained and the local course of weather doesn’t harbor a personal vengeance against it. It’s like Yoda, only less green!

Why Use Flexible Pavement?

So, why pour your hard-earned cash into Flexi Pave? Well, because it’s all about the aforementioned choices. You can go the conventional route with regular old asphalt that’s likely to wear faster than you can say Jack Robinson! Or, you can invest in something that’ll last and make your next-door neighbor green with envy! Just tell them you’re saving the environment single-handedly, one Flexi Pave at a time!

Speaking of the environment, Flexi Pave is like that hybrid car that gets a gazillion miles on a single gallon. It lets rainwater seep right through it and go into the ground, reducing runoff and learning quite a trick or two from nature itself. Kind of like SpongeBob, but for rainfall!

Colors That Rock!

Who said pavement should be as dull as dishwater? With Flexi Pave, we’re looking at a color palette that would make Picasso grin like an excited toddler!

From sunset red to ocean blues, speckled eggshell, and starlight silver, Flexi Pave comes in an array of colors. These hues are sure to take your yard from zero to hero in no time. So if you’re equipped with a creative gene that constantly buzzes like a neon sign, flexi pave colors are all set to cater to your inner Van Gogh.

What’s the Price Tag on This Baby?

Of course, something this impressive comes with a price tag. Remember, folks, Cinderella didn’t get that fancy pumpkin carriage for nothing! But rest assured, investing in Flexi Pave won’t have you breaking your piggy bank.

That said, the cost does vary and hinges on factors like film thickness, base preparation, and installation procedures. In general, you might expect anything from $8-$15 per square foot. An expense that can be rightly validated by its incredible resilience and longevity.

To Wrap up…

Investing in Flexi Pave is like adopting a sturdy turtle that keeps going for years with the benefit of looking like a million bucks – talking about the pavement, not the turtle!

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to jazz up your driveway, or a business owner aiming to stand out with environmentally-friendly accolades, give Flexi pave a whirl. It’s a choice that your future self, and Mother Nature, will thank you for!

Remember, folks, good choices are always in style, and Flexi Pave is nothing short of a trendsetter in the pavement industry. So flex those homeowner muscles, and dive into the colorful, durable, and earth-friendly world of Flexi Pave!